Crafting authentic wines made from native and hybrid grapes responsibly grown in the Golden State. Producing delicious heirloom ciders from dry farmed old growth orchards.

North American Press all started with more questions than answers. What’s the deal with native American grapes anyhow? Why are they shunned? And should they be shunned? Is it justified? Where does this quick-to-judge attitude come from? Why do European regulations ban hybrid grapes? What’s their motivation? What are they afraid of? Then why do many vignerons in Europe still insist on growing hybrid wine grapes? To make an authentic American wine, shouldn’t we look within the beautiful spectrum of our own native grape species? Shouldn’t we support preserving the diversity of native grapes around the world? Furthermore, if we are to take sustainability seriously, then shouldn’t we be talking about utilizing these naturally disease resistant grapevines?

What if we plant native and hybrid grapes in the top wine growing regions throughout California? What if we farm these grapes responsibly, lowering their yields and grow these vines with an intention towards fine wine? What if we ferment the grapes with integrity and transparency in order to create an authentic product? What if we minimize oak, and instead focus on fruit and vibrancy? What if we minimize intervention and allow the wines to speak for themselves? What then? What does North American wine really taste like? – This is what I want to find out.